Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Moments of happiness ... and a "touch" of apprehension ...

I have just been sent a few photos of some of the children of Calheta holding the cards, books and birthday presents their "godparents" sent for them.

Delmizia wearing her new T-shirt and leggings while holding extra birthday presents sent by Charlotte.


Cynthia with her new dress and other birthday presents sent by me.

Leinira (left) with some Art and crafts I have brought her from France and Tarine (right) with a book I have sent her.

Rosana (left) holding the Lisbon card Carla Brígida sent her and Patrícia apprehensively holding the first  card sent by her "godmother, whose photo she is also holding (unexpectedely soon after she was told  she had failed at school).

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