Thursday, 7 July 2011

Presents for the children of Calheta and other issues ...

Beat will hopefully be able to take all the things I need him to take for the children of Calheta, whose birthdays are in July, August and September  - Ineida, Claudina, Juliza, Jussara, Mena  and Eveline (photos already downloaded), as well as those for Maria de Jesus,  Patricia de Fatima and Danilo (who already had theirs, with Danilo having just been born), together with a few little "treats" for Tarine, Simone, Mena, Leinira, Eduardo, Ivanilde Elena, Rivia and a card for Lola.

Cards, puzzles, paper dolls, Art bead constructions and books

Maria da Jesus' birthday present (left) and the one for Patricia de Fatima  (right) bought by me. 

There will be a  recently published book written by a Cape Verdean author for the Mayor of Calheta as well, once last March I had no time to even thank him for the support.

I am finally able to download the photo of the latest "godmother" to join the group - Sílvia, who has taken on the responsibility of Mena's school needs.


May we keep on joining  our efforts to help these children ...

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