Saturday, 25 June 2011

Unregistered postcrossing cards ...

I always seem to get disappointed (and even sad) when postcrossers don't register the cards I have sent, and although there might be a hundred reasons for not doing so, the reality is that it ultimately is a lack of respect for the many (like me) who send out cards as in accordance with the preferences of those who later don't even bother to acknowledge having received them.

PT- 177113 was sent to the Czech postcrosser melody_r on the 28th of April last, whilst PT- 178693 was sent to the Chinese postcrosser mannakwan on the 8th of May, and both of these postcrossers were sent messages asking them whether they would like me to send them a second card, in case they had got lost (to which neither of them answered).


PT- 178693

It is a pity neither of theses cards will ever be on anyone's postcrossing wall (I always send different ones), yet may their images be shared to those who may happen to read the blog.

Note - Postcrosser melody_r was further sent a second card a month after the first one.


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