Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Precious contribution towards the education of some of the Calheta children ...

"You educate a boy and you are educating an individual. You educate a girl and you are educating an entire village".
(African proverb)

I have today been handed some money by a colleague (Casanova) for the "project of Calheta" which will be put to good use and if necessary ensure the payment of  the school needs of at least four children of the community of Calheta.


Four more colleagues (Isabel, Cristina,  Julia and Mafalda) have today joined the group of "godmothers". I should maybe add (though it may be irrelevant) that they all work in the same department and three of them have recently contributed towards the project.

Isabel will be responsible for the school needs of Juliza, whilst Julia and Cristina will be "looking after" Lavínia and Jussara respectively, with Mafalda having decided to take on the  school "responsibility" for two girls (Claudina and "Patricia"). 

Isabel (left) and Juliza (right)

Lavínia (left) and Júlia (right)

Cristina (left) and Jussara (right)


Claudina (left) and "Patrícia" (right)

I am sure that apart from being thrilled with having "godmothers" these girls will above all be happy to continue studying and I am equally sure that everyone involved in this project will be satisfied with having contributed towards the education of these girls.

Making a difference in these girls' lives will allow them to one day make a difference within their community.

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