Monday, 27 June 2011

Birthday presents for the children of Calheta ...

I shall soon be sending some birthday presents to the girls in Calheta, whose birthdays will be in late July, August and September. I have bee lucky, as Bd sport active director Beat shall be stoping over at Lisbon airport  (on the 8th of July) before flying to Cape Verde, so I won't need to use the postal service this time.

The birthday presents for Ineida bought by me (left) and those for Mena bought on behalf of her "godmother" Silvia (right).

The birthday presents for Juliza bought on behalf of her "godmother" Isabel Mégre (left) and those for Claudina on behalf of her "godmother" Mafalda (right).

The birthday presents for Jussara bought on behalf of her "godmother" Cristina (left) and those for Eveline on behalf of het "godmother" Dora (right). 

I am sure the girls will be thrilled with their presents, but so will the "godmothers" once they see their faces of happiness. Sibylle will once more take photos of the girls as they are handed the presents. 

Note: the notebooks for Ineida, Juliza, Jussara and Eveline have been provided by Lurdes with the rings and bracelets for Claudina and Mena having been offered by Surama.

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