Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Moments ...

I have just been sent some photos taken to some of the girls of Calheta moments after having received the presents their "godmothers" sent for their birthdays (Carla and Leinira having been the exception, as they were given books Rosário together with her family and I sent for them respectively).

Erica wearing her new dress and holding the extra birthday presents sent by her "godmother" Noëlle.

Daniela with her new dress and the birthday presents sent by Lourdes Baptista, her "godmother".

Marline wearing her birthday outfit and holding the extra birthday presents sent by her "godmother" Charlotte.

Carla and Leinira with the books Rosário and I have sent for them respectively.

These may just be moments ... but they are certainly moments of happiness for both the girls and us all ... The happiness associated with the act of receiving is as almost important as the one of giving ...

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