Friday, 24 June 2011

The stop over at Lisbon airport ...

The five girls from Calheta who participated in the Women's run in Switzerland stopped over at Lisbon airport for about 7 hours, so rather than have them stroll around at the airport terminals, I decided to take them to the Oceanarium and then out to eat something before flying back home.

With the river Tagus and Vasco da Gama bridge behind

The visit to the Oceanarium was (I believe) the highlight moment of their 7 hour stay in Lisbon. They were visibly astounded by the movement of the various fish species, from the smallest ones to the sharks, but it would later be the penguins and the beavers, which definitely "conquered" them.

Watching the penguins

I then took them to an Italian restaurant, (one of the few opened on the public holiday) where they had two "family" pizzas, which they initially didn't want to try for fear of not liking them (which proved to be wrong, though they all seemed to miss the Cape Verdean cuisine).

Eating the slices of pizza

Apart from the birthday presents for the "softball" girls whose birthdays will be in July, and the extra "treats" some of the"godmothers" brought around to be taken, I bought each of these girls dresses and blouses as "encouragement gifts" for having given their best in the run, irrespective of them not having won any medals. A  T-shirt for Valter was also included.

The dresses and blouses I bought for the girls (which they insisted on trying over the clothes they were wearing at the bus stop just outside the Lisbon airport).

The T-shirt for Valter from Silvia and the "small treats from myself, Maria João and Rosario for Leinira, Eduardo and Carla respectively.

Sibylle has promise to take photos of the girls and boys trying the outfits and receiving the presents as soon as possible.

Note: the entrance fees for the Oceanarium were paid with the money gently provided by Mr. Breitenstein


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