Thursday, 2 June 2011

School sponsoring needed for some of the children of Calheta ...

These are some of the children who are in need of school sponsoring.

Veronica, who will turn 12 next October (left) and Juliza who will be 11 next August (right) holding some of the "Art pieces" made in the workshop last September.

Melissa, who will turn 13 this month (left) and Claudina who will be 12 next August (right) after having finished assembling a puzzle in the workshop last March.

Filomena who is 12 (left) and Cynthia, who will turn 13 next July (right) showing some of the picture colouring they did during  the March workshop.

Mena, who will turn 13 next August holding the picture she coloured in the March workshop.

Liliana Rosy, who has turned 12 (left) and Jussara, who will be 11 next August (right).

Ineida Patricia (left) and Ineida  Fernandes who will turn 12 next July (right).

If you  happen to look at them, a simple detail or even a facial expression might just catch your attention and make you feel like joining the group of "godparents", who have been paying for their school fees and some school material they might need.

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