Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The children of Calheta's birthday presents ...and other issues.

Two more children will soon be handed their birthday presents, some of which bought by their "godmothers" and others by me (the ones whom I still haven't been able to find "godparents" for).

Five young girls from Calheta who have recently participated in the Women's running competition in Bern will have a fairly long stop over at Lisbon airport, prior to flying into Praia, so I will not only spend those "stranded" hours with them, but also hand them out the presents for Delmizia, Maria de Jesus, Artemisa and Marline, (whose photos have already been downloaded into the blog), as well as those for Daniela and Cynthia, not to mention a handful of cards and some small "treats" for some of the children, whose "godmothers" were kind enough to bring them around.

Cynthia's birthday presents bought by me (left). Daniela's birthday presents bought by me on behalf of her "godmother", Lourdes Baptista (right).

Two more people have recently joined the group of "godparents", Dora and Silvia (whose photos I'll download as soon as I get them). They will be responsible for  paying the school fees and any school material required by Eveline, Veronica and Mena respectively.

Whilst in Bulgaria I was given a few things for the children by a friend of mine, Christina Nesterova and soon after my arrival to Portugal a few books and extra little things by Ana Correia, Idalina José and Carla Brigida.

My entrance hall and my working room at the Training Centre very much look like warehouse spaces ..., but I don't care, for I know they will be put to good use (sooner ... or later)

Five cards (of the many stamped ones I had left behind ) sent by the children to their "godmothers" (Carla Brigida, Rosario and myself) have been received during this week and I must confess I have once more been astounded by the degree of maturity these children seem to have, irrespective of their spelling and grammatical mistakes.

They do genuinely worry about us ... when we should be the ones to worry about them (which some of us do).

May these children continue to "inspire" us to further help them ...

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