Monday, 29 May 2017

Paris - On the way to the Grand Palais ; Eli Lotar exhition at the Jeu de Paume -The 7th of May 2017

I kept on strolling around the Louvre area heading afterwards towards the Place de la Concorde and later the Grand Palais area. The Parisisan atmosphere was agitated-like due to the fourthcoming elections and as an outsider I couldn't but just feel it partly ... 

I ended up selecting my second choice exhibition and am glad I did because not only did I not have to stand on a queue but was also given the extraordinary opportunity of visiting the Museum Jeu de Paume and get to know who the Romanian French avant-garde photographer and film maker Eli Lotar was.


Buste d'homme (Lotar II) - Alberto Giacometti

Some of his black and white photos did touch me, particularly the ones which conveyed his political committment and documentary work. I watched a short film on Aubervilliers, a documentary film Lotar directed in 1945, whose "poetical" treatment drew my attention and which according to connoisseurs brought him recognition as a filmmaker 


As I walked out of the Museum the weather seemed to be changing and so it seemed the nervousness of many French citizens who gathered around at the eve of an important moment in their life - the general election day.

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