Monday, 1 May 2017

Dubrovnik, Babin Kut peninsula - Neptun Hotel and the surrounding area - The 23rd April 2017

I was actually lodged at an "extension-like" hotel across from the main Neptun Hotel at the Babin Kut peninsula, which I had read to be lined by beaches and nice walking areas.  Following the conference enrollment procedures I left the hotel premises still with the image of the huge bedroom I had been given in my mind and walked a few metres to take some evening photographs, knowing in advance that the tight schedule of the conference and subsequent activities wouldn't allow us much more space than simply attend the various workshops from morning till evening.

I was fortunate enough to have met a Polish colleague, Monika, on her way to  some "hidden" shopping area further away from the hotel area, who invited me to afterwards explore two beaches within the area that she knew well and which she felt were worth being visited.

This is why and how I ended up of seeing two rather nice fine pebble beaches close to each other -the Caves and Copacabana,  located some twenty minutes away from the hotel Neptun by rather forest like pathsI would have never found on my own. We also managed to see the sunset before getting back to the hotel where I finally had a light dinner of biscuits and tea in my bedroom to crown such an active day and in preparation for the ever more "active" following day.

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