Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Paris - Chatelêt les Halles - La Nuit tombe sur l'Europe exhibition; Saint-Eustache Church - The 8th of May 2017

I left the hotel fairly early in the morning so as to go to Chatelêt les Halles, where to my surprise I came across a rather heart felt exhibition La nuit tombe sur l'Europe, which had me ponder on life circumstances as I read what was written beside the photographs being exhibited. Being aware of what goes on in the world and yet not be able to do anything is sad enough but it made me value what I have and sometimes take for granted.

Upon leaving the shopping mall I made my way to Saint Eustache's Church, which I had never been to though had quite often admired from the exterior. Considered a masterpiece of late Gothic arquitecture Saint Eustache was built between 1532 and 1637. The chapels, the stained glass windows and the 8,000 pipe organ did catch my attention amids several works of Art which are said to have survived the looting during the French Revolution.


L'adoration des Mages by Rubens


Le départ des fruits et légumes au coeur de Paris by Raymond Mason

La vie de Christ by Keith Haring (1962-1990)


I can't help saying I sat down quietly and "breathed in" the surrounding silence and my own silence as time went by ... 

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