Monday, 1 May 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia - Typical Dalmatian lunch and a few local product souvenirs - The 23rd of April 2017

Alberto and I decided to sit inside a rather nice restaurant right in the corner of the Gunduliceva square and order a typical Dalmatian plate, which we both enjoyed very much. As far as the cutlefish rice  was concerned it wasn't too different from a similar plate we have at home where the ink of the cuttlefish is actually used in the cooking. I couldn't help having a carrot cake slice to finnish the meal with, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

By the time we reached the Neptun Hotel where the two day Aviation conference was going to be held and even before getting my identification badge and the necessary material we would need for the following days' conference I spread the pieces of local adapted jewellery, the handicrafted cloth (I would have fitted into a skirt later) and the embroidered square made by Myra (an enchanting street vendor I spoke to and bought it from), the little handmade soaps and the typical delicacies I had bought in Dubrovnik. 

As I sat on the bed admiring those little precios things I inevitable revised the one day and a half I had been out on my own exploring the city and realised I had seen quite a lot and above all had fallen in love with Dubrovnik.

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