Monday, 1 May 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia - arquitectural details; the Synagogue - The 23rd of April 2017

Because of not having had access to the Rector's Palace, which was undergoing some kind of works I decided to stroll around photographing some details I was impressed by, which ranged from sculpted images on fountains through to the Cathedral façade and the Gunduliceva square, where a local product market was being held and where I bought quite a few local souvenirs and spent some time talking to the local street vendors.

Having accidently met a conference colleague we both made our way to the Synagogue,  said to be Europe's second oldest and certainly associated to many conversos Portuguese and Spanish Jews, who settled in Dubrovnik in 1544. Though small it was a little gem in terms of artifacts and despite photographing not being allowed the fact that there were some Jew visitors from Argentina an exception, which I took advantage from, was made then. 

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