Tuesday, 1 November 2016

On my way to Porto; the Opohotel - From the 23rd to the 28th of October 2016

I left Lisbon Orient train station on a sunny morning and reached Porto on a rather cold and rainy evening as if I had crossed borders and travelled to a different country.  

And the truth is the Northern regions are very different indeed - people are bolder even in their linguistic approach, welcoming and clearly business oriented.

I was taken by the fact that Francisco de Sa Carneiro airport is a lot bigger and much more functional than the one in the capital city. I had lunch at one of its restaurants (canteen type) every day, which is something I wouldn't consider doing in Lisbon because of the meal prices, let alone to have fish.

At one end of the airport terminal (outside gardens).

Airport terminal -  ground floor - cartoon exhibition (left). Airport terminal upper floor (right).

Squid (left) and  grilled sword fish (right).

The hotel I stayed at was fairly close to the airport terminal  - a five minute walk at the most. I musr confess I simply loved it - from the huge room to the gourmet-like evening meals at the small restaurant.

Vegetarian lasagna and lime tart with ice-cream.

Vegetarian tart and Abade de Priscos pudding (a local specialty).

Accommodation and meals were just one of the several aspects I enjoyed during this hard-working week, as special professional kindness on the part of the whole personnel at the Hotel and airport have to be accounted for.

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