Friday, 18 November 2016

Cyprus - My 7 day circuit across the country - Day 2 early afternoon - North Cyprus - Salamis (cont.) - The Kampanopetra Basilica remains - The 6th of November 2016

We had lunch (a very tasty grilled dourada) at an open esplanada restaurant overlooking the sea, which prepared us for the next adventure, only a few of us decided to adhere to - walking onto the remains of a 4th century Basilica so as to observe a rather exquisite mosaic.

The  half an hour walk wasn't as hard as we had imagined it would be, namely because there was a refreshing sea breeze all the way along the ancient port street and the position occupied by the remains of the Basilica courtyard with its columns, the narthex, the central and side naves.

The dazzling mosaic Michel had told us about was located at the back of the Basilica apse where there appear to have been baths and the remains of a sweating room. It was precisely in one of those rooms we came across the concentring ring mosaic made out of light and dark triangles. No matter which way we stood it was as dazzling different as it may be.

Walking back took longer but as we slowly moved along the coast line we concluded it had been worth doing the out of scheduled programme visit.

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