Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Cyprus - My 7 day circuit across the country - Day 6 late morning -Troodos Mountains - Omodos -Timiou Stavrou Monastery (Monastery of the Holy Cross) - The 10th of November 2016

A rather undescribable feeling took over me as I watched the slopes of the Southern part of the Troodos mountains from the bus ... what it was about I don't exactly know but it was as if I was getting closer to what I had come for.

We stopped at Omodos, one of the Krassochoria vine growing villages for a few moments before visiting its Monastery, so as to buy some local products which ranged from alcoholic beverages, jellies, rusks, arkatena bread, as well as brocades, threaded quilts, narrow-knit and Chantilly laces. 

The 12th century Monastery of the Holy Cross, one of the oldest and most historic monasteries of Cyprus stood in the centre of the village, its timber roofed monastic buildings surrounding a three hall Basilica which we spent a short time at. According to legend St. Helena, Mother of Emperor Constantine, left there a piece of the rope with which Christ is supposed to have been tied to the cross. The relic is is kept in a cross-shaped reliquary and so is another venerated relic- the skull of St. Philip's, which is kept in a silver casket.
I just strolled around quiet and curiously, once more feeling people's religious attachement to icons and letting the surrounding atmosphere take over me ...  


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