Thursday, 24 November 2016

Cyprus - My 7 day circuit across the country - Day 4 morning (cont.) - South Nicosia - Cyprus Museum (cont.) - Room 6 to Room 12 - The 8th of November 2016


Room 6 to room 12  featured amongst other artefacts a larger-than life bronze statue of the Emperor  Septimius Severus (c.193-211), a masterpiece of Roman sculpture with adjoining rooms containing a bronze statue of a Horned God from Engomi, an interesting collection of coins, jewellery, a bronze cauldron decorated with griffons and the heads of sphinxes ... etc.


A bowl standing on four wheels with its four sides decorated in the cut-out technique with lions, bulls and griffins - 12th century B.C

Relief decoration of late Bronze Age storage vessels (Pithoi).

Silver plate pertaining to the Tresors of Lampousa depicting the wedding of David - Early 7th century A.D

Lamp dating from the early Christian period - 6th and 7th centuries A.D.

Terracotta lamp with representation of Ulysses passing the sirens.

I took a particular interest in the Theatre figurines of actors and masks, as well as those from normal life activities and there again Michel called our attention to the unique pieces among them.

Phoenician-style figurines of masks - Cypro-Arcahic period - 750-475 B.C. (right).

We decided to take a break and have a rather quick look at the Museum library. Despite having spent a few hours within the Museum premises there was still a lot to be seen and we were all willing to see as much as we could.

(To be continued)

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