Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Cyprus - My 7 day circuit across the country - Day 1 evening - Larnaca- strolling around the shore; Nicosia - Cleopatra Hotel lodging - The 5th of November 2016


Upon leaving Saint Lazaros Church we walked down the street that ran towards the seashore area and the coastal promenade lined with palm trees just a few metres away. Built in 1625 the once Ottoman fort stood on our right in a rather discreet way. It is said that when ships sailed into the harbour, which no longer exists they used to be welcomed by a gun salute fired from it.

The Venetian winged lion statue was quite impressive in its own way as it stood out with its back onto the stretches of sand overshadowed by a light rose coloured sky. We decided not to stroll any further and make our way into Nicosia instead.

Letter box probably dating from the British ruling period. 
Once we reached Nicosia we were lodged at Cleopatra, where we would be staying for three nights. As I opened the window of my bedroom and looked at what to be seen from it once more I realised the atmosphere was not too dissimilar from the one back home.

It had been a fairly tiring day but as I dived into the bedsheets I knew I was really looking forward to what the following day would bring ...


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