Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cyprus - My 7 day circuit across the country - Day 5 evening and Day 6 early morning - West Cyprus - Pafos - Early Christian Chrysopolitissa Basilica by night; St. Paul's pillar; Getting lodged -The 9th of November 2016

We unknowingly opted to anticipate a visit we had the following morning so as no to lose much time prior to heading towards Troodos, though I feel sorry not to have seen the 12th century stone church Chrysopolitissa church built on the ruins of an earlier seven-aisled Christian Byzantine Basilica once it was dark and the floor mosaics could hardly be seen.

Amongst the several archaeological digged single columns, one of them was dubbed "St. Paul's pillar", because once the apostle came to Cyprus to preach Christianity he was capured and sentenced to being flogged by the Roman governor Sergius Paulus.

We were then lodged at a huge hotel by the sea. The moment I walked into my bedroom with a double bed and two singles and an outside veranda that ran along the size of the room I wondered if I'd be able to sleep in such a huge space at my own disposal ... , but I did ... it had been a long day and I felt most of us were tired (I certainly was).


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