Thursday, 24 November 2016

Cyprus - My 7 day circuit across the country - Day 4 early afternoon - South Nicosia - The Archbishop Makarios Foundation Cultural Centre - the Byzantine Museum - The 8th of November 2016

We spent part of the early afternoon at the Archbishop Makarios Cultural Centre, specifically at the Byzantine Museum better known as the Icon Museum, housing the largest and most valuable collection of icons in Cyprus together with quite a few recovered mosaics and artefacts stolen during the 1970s, none of which could be photographed.
We were once more led by Michel along the multiple rows of Icons disposed in the various rooms, having had our attention drawn to the ones worth being noted taking into account the reduced amount of time we had to thoroughly admire them all in. 
We were given some extra time at the end to explore the rooms on our own but it was soon obvious very few of us knew where to begin ...



As we were leaving I looked to the side and two very distinct statues called my attention, both of which I felt to be quite powerful in the way they were carved and the expressions they conveyed - Motherhood and Christ crucified.

I didn't know what the day would still hold but so far the Museums, which are places I often go to, we had visited had both pleased me.


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