Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Shopping for the children of Calheta ...

I have gone shopping for the children of Calheta, namely for those children, whose "godparents" either live out of continental Portugal or trust me with the sellecting of their presents. What seems to always get me down is not so much walking in and out of shops which are on sales so as not to spend too much but the fact that there is a group of "recurrent" godparents who simply don't care.

The fact that I've been doing this for over six years hasn't diminished my committment and whenever I go shopping I always seem to carry the image of certain (not to say most) children in the back of my mind ... the way they were when I first met them and the growing confidence and self-esteem they have been developing since they have realised and actually felt someone somewhere thought and cared about them. It's much more than the provision for the school needs and the little presents (although many of them had never had any or many ...).

Ivanilde Elena in October 2014 (left) and when I met her in 2010.

Rosana in 2010 (left) and when I handed her the presents and the godmother's letter in October 2014. 

Happiness and dreams come in small doses ... but maybe the happiness one gets by thinking about others' happiness is what really counts ...

Presents for Silvana (left) and Ivanilde Elena (right).

Presents for Patrick (left) and Eduardo (right).

An additional present for Herber (left) and presents for Ismael (right).

Presents for Artemisa (left) and Nolita (right)

I am still far from having everything ready before the trip in one and a half month's time but I am happy with  what I have managed to organise so far. Wish I could get more "godparents" involved in this process, not to mention in the actual travelling there with me. 

My regular travelling companion and "godmother" to one local girl, Marie Hélène has just become a mother herself and will possibly not fly there with me for a while, yet on the other hand Noëlle will be going there with me for the second consecutive time.

We are looking forward to setting foot in Calheta soon ... because we know how important it is for the local children ... as well as for us ...

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