Wednesday, 10 February 2016

On the latest film I have watched ...

"Right now, wrong then" by Hong Sang-soo, which has been awarded two rather distinct prizes at both the 9th Asia Pacific Screen in Brisbane (best actor) and the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland (the Golden Leopard), exceeded all my expectations and had me  pondering on the details one is sometimes unconsciously unaware of and which may eventually and in many cases ultimately dictate the different outcomes and decision taking in or within a given scenario. 

I felt the way this South Korean film was presented was rather ingenious and clever in a fairly simple way - the same romantic scenario setting played out twice  with markedly different results. The first part being actually called "Right then, wrong now" as opposed to the second part which is the title of the film  "Right now, wrong then."

The two main actors were outstanding in their performances, with Jung Jae-Young having been awarded  a prize for best actor. The role he plays in the film requires quite a few deep expressions and behavioural attitudes, which are rather difficult to convey but which he masters in absolute perfection.  The degree of intimacy created by the film producer and the photography director  can't help but take the audience into the scenario setting as if we were the ones being exposed.

"Watching a man yearn for a woman isn't the defining characteristic of the film; it's the many intersections and little differences at play that will find Right now, wrong then a place in narrative studies courses."



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