Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My long weekend in Madrid - Day 3 (late afternoon and evening) - Around the Atocha area - The 20th of February 2016

We walked back along the outside part of Parque del Retiro heading towards Caixa Forum where I briefly visited a temporary exhibition "My world", did a little "art" oriented shopping in its inner gallery before taking the metro towards Sol where we were supposed to buy some special cakes for the evening's dessert.

The confectionary shop was filled with hundreds of people and we had to stand in the long queue for half an hour in order to buy "tronquitos de dulce de leche" to take back with us. As we stood outside the shop I photographed one of the many street artists who fill the Plaza del Sol daily.

By the time we got back "home" (that's how we felt at Maravilla's) we were exhausted. Amazingly enough we got so engaged in a rather interesting and touching conversation with our hosts that we ended up staying awake till late.


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