Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My long weekend in Madrid - Day 3 (afternoon) - Strolling around the city up to Parque del Retiro - The 20th of February 2016

It was such a beautiful and warm day that we decided to head towards Parque del Retiro via the Alcala street, so as to try to see the temporary Kandinsky exhibition at the Centrocentro of Cibeles, which we ended up not being able to.

We stopped briefly at Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, where a Marc Chagal exhibition was presumably being held to soon realise that it no longer was on so we continued towards Museo del Prado where a temporary exhibition on Ingres was effectively being held  but we soon realised, as we had previously envisaged, that it was virtually impossible to get access to it without having to stand on interminable queues, so we decided to spend part of the afternoon on Parque del Retiro instead.

Several of the Paseos which go across the garden were undergoing works but once we moved close to the pond the peaceful atmosphere took over us as we watched the children playing around and the families enjoying the sunny afternoon.

We made our way out by the opposite direction walking along Paseo  de la Republica de Cuba this time until we reached the statue of  El Ángel Caído before exiting  by Plaza del Emperador  Carlos V.


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