Monday, 15 February 2016

On the latest film I have watched ...

I have been to see Room,  a work of fiction based on the novel by Emma Donoghue, though one can't help but think of similar stories that have occurred not so long ago, such as the Fritzl case in Austria and the Castro one in Ohio.

Most of the film is set in a 3 by 3 metre soundproof room where the main characters, mother and son, have been held captive and spent the last years of their lives (seven in the case of the mother and five in the case of the young man).

So as to "protect" him the mother has led him to believe there is nothing beyond those four walls, within which they have strengthened their bond and ultimately managed to be creative,  as creative as one can be with limited resources and a prospect of happiness that is  almost exclusively dependant on their love for each other.

What follows after they have eventually been able to  escape offers a rather intense sequence of scenes in which each of them tries to adjust to a completely different type of life and in the case of the mother a life she was unwillingly forced to leave behind as an adolescent.

Being told from the child's perspective Room is a very intense film, which makes us ponder a lot of side issues, which go well beyond the depicted situation.  The intensity of the film is reinforced by both the mother and son's interpretations which are outstanding and clearly second to none having as a consequence received  a well deserved worldwide appraisal.

"Ultimately serves as a life-affirming evocation of the durability and resilience of the human spirit. Brilliant" - Paul Mount

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