Monday, 22 February 2016

My long weekend in Madrid - Day 1 (evening) - Atocha Train station; dinner at Maravillas' s in Conservatorio, Southern Madrid - The 18th of February 2016

Having accepted an invitation to stay at one of Mia's friends in Madrid Mia and I headed to our meeting point at Atocha train station soon after we landed at Barajas Adolfo SuarĂ©z airport despite the fact that it was still quite early.

Barajas  airport painted wall

Photos of the Cibelles' square taken from the airport bus

I had been to Atocha train station several times before but because of some huge baby face sculptures standing outside one of its main entrances I didn't recognise it immediately. Once inside the layout was obviously the same though there were quite a few statues spread around that hadn't been there before.

We walked about for half an hour till we finally met Carmen. We had to catch a Renfe train and then the Southern metro so as to reach her mother's house in the Conservatorio area, where we would be staying for the next two days.

Maravillas, Carmen's mother, greeted us with an incredibly tasty dinner, after which we went to bed not only because it was fairly late already but also because we all seemed to be tired for different reasons.

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