Monday, 22 February 2016

My long weekend in Madrid - Day 2 (morning) - On the way to the city centre; Plaza Mayor and along Calle de la Sal - The 19th of February 2016

We all got up fairly early and  were once more greeted by a morning breakfast prepared by Maravillas, who seemed particularly happy with having two extra guests.
We finally managed to see a bit of the neighbourghood we were staying at on the way to the Southern line metro heading to the city centre with  well trimmed garden areas lined by beautiful two storey houses.

Once we reached Sol we walked towards Plaza Mayor in search of the Tourist office so as to collect a city map, as we envisaged we would be strolling around the city quite a lot. We couldn't help photographing the 1988 Carlos Franco's paintings depicting mythical figures interwoven into the history of Madrid which cover the entire façades of the Casa de la Panaderia.
They clearly draw people's attention as we walk onto the majestic square which witnessed various public executions in the past.

Street artists were to be seen everywhere as well as numerous groups of tourists, undoubtedly happy with the sunny weather I don't think any of us had been expecting.

We soon strolled along Calle de la Sal so as to get onto the Sol metro heading to Iglesia where we would be visiting the Sorolla House Museum.

(To be continued)

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