Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The two day visit to Senegal (Day 2 late afternoon) - The Turtle Village; on the way to the Airport - The 24th of May 2015

Because I had bought three tours from Andaando, the agency Aly was a guide for, he decided to offer me a quick visit to the Turtle Village, not to far from the Lac Rose and it was a rather interesting one, firstly because I had no idea such a village existed nor had I ever heard of turtles being protected in this region so as to later be relocated in the Northern part of the country.

Most of the small ones were asleep in netted nursery sites, once they could easily be preys to other animals but I ended up seeing many of the female and male adolescent and adult ones.

We headed back to Dakar after the visit and though the driver didn't leave me at the airport as agreed upon earlier because of the heavy traffic and a commitment of his own, Aly made sure I got there safe and sound.

What might have easily been a disappointment, as none of this was programmed but at the last moment and the initial reason for having flown to Dakar no longer valid I ended up being satisfied and happy that I did. As I sat outside the airport waiting for the check in to open I concluded I had been blessed after all ... I had visited everything I had wanted to and more ... thanks to the professionalism of an agency.


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