Monday, 1 June 2015

The two day trip to Senegal (Day 2 afternoon cont.) - Lac Rose (cont.) a boat trip; the desert - The 24th of May 2015


I took a boat trip (or rather a pirogue tour) as Aly and the driver were having lunch. Samba, the flat boat owner provided me with some rather precious explanations regarding the lake itself, its salt percentage (said to be 40% in certain specific areas) and the subsequent possibility for people to float easily and even the salt water fish dwarf species which are siad to have adapted to the environment by having grown four times smaller than the ones living in so called normal environments.

At one point Samba had his wooden stick (used as an oar) go down in the depth of the lake water and when it was pulled out it was covered in salt crystals, which was a rather odd sight.

I could see some rather well organized spots along the shore with sun umbrellas and reclining chairs around small wooden tables where families seemed to gather so as to take advantage of their free time and the various lake activities. 

The lake is separated from the Atlantic Ocean only by a rather narrow corridor of terra-cotta coloured sand dunes where I strolled for a while before getting back to the handicraft market to have a look at the local artistry and a little mosque located nearby where the five o'clock prayers were being carried out. 

Together with Gorée island this was probably one of the best moments of my stay in Senegal. I didn't think anything else would impress me most once I was heading to Dakar and the International airport in readiness for the night flight back home.


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