Monday, 1 June 2015

The two day visit to Senegal (Day 2 early afternoon) - Dakar - The Parliament, the Art Museum and the markets - The 24th of May 2015

We were driven to the Parliament and the Art Museum, which we saw from the outside before we headed  to two markets, one of which a covered one and the other out in the open.

Firstly I must confess I wish the Museum had been open because I believe it would have provided me with an insight as to what contemporary and hopefully old Senegalese Art is about.

In regards to the markets, I found the old covered market exquisitively beautiful with its wooden framed dome and the outside Arab looking decorative motifs (... or so it looked) and the one behind the old train station a rather interesting one. I was given the possibility to try sap, I had never seen nor tasted before - slightly acid, but rather tasty, as well as touch carite butter, one is so commonly used to in Europe, though in a completely different format. 



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