Saturday, 13 June 2015

Last considerations and souvenirs bought on the two day trip to Senegal ...

Despite the unexpected situation surrounding my short trip to Senegal as well as the inconvenience of the first night I must confess I fully enjoyed hat I visited. Gorée island was definitely the highlight of the whole trip with the Lac Rose being the surprise I wasn't expecting.
Based on the fact that I no longer have any space left in my rather small household to hang any of the artistic pieces I used to buy whilst travelling abroad I had recently decided not to buy any unless it were things to be worn or handicraft that in some way might be exquisite.
I have broken my promise though, as apart from the piece of African cloth and two special necklaces I ended up buying things mostly because of the street vendors and the empathy that surfaced during our brief conversations. I am not disappointed though, I feel each piece has a story and I'll forever remember them whether I give them to friends or simply keep them.


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