Saturday, 13 June 2015

The latest book I have read ...

I have just finished reading quite an interesting book on old age and ageing, "The warmth of the heart prevents your body from rusting". I might have written down many of its extracts, particularly those that had me ponder on my personal perspective in regards to the whole process of ageing but ended up just writing down a few that for some sort of reason impacted me as I read through such an inspiring book.  

"A face is always the reflection of a state of mind. To show old age is to show people who are full of experiences and emotions, who have a whole depth of life on their faces. We can read the emotional lives of the elderly in their faces: their loneliness, their tiredness, but also their serenity, their impulses and their desires."
"There is no such thing as an insurmountable ordeal, all you have to do each time is find a solution."
"Bien sûr il y a des choses que je ne peux plus faire
Mais d'autres que je peux et ne pouvais naguère
Tout a un fin, ma vie comme le reste
Peut-être demain ou au détour du chemin
Pour l'heure il me semble que j'ai tout le temps
Pour aimer, pour bénir tous ceux qui m'ont rendu heureux
Amour d'instant ou amour pour longtemps
Je les garde au trèsfonds de mon coeur apaisé
Toujours ils me parlent de l'art d'aimer."

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