Monday, 8 June 2015

Being surrounded by interesting people ...

I can't deny I have had  rather interesting time throughout the previous weeks, as I carried out another English course, this time on Meetings and Negotiation techniques.
All but one had already been former students of mine and what made the whole learning process such an interesting one was the fact that they all had different academic degrees and professional backgrounds, with Air traffic controllers being the greatest majority followed by lawyers, an internal auditor and a data analyst. There being six male and six female provided the balance, I feel, and everyone's' singularity added the rest. 

The final presentations were varied and particularly well structured as in accordance with the pre-defined rules and the truth is we've learned a lot with one another and we've been keen on further developing the bonds we've created within the classroom.

It may lead to nothing special but it will certainly allow us to be surrounded by interesting people beyond the working hours.


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