Friday, 10 October 2014

The 8 day cultural trip to Iran - "Iranian Treasures" - (Day 5 morning) - Isfahan, Hasht Behesht Palace - The 20th of September 2014

The main rectangular façade of the Hasht Behesht Palace, which was built under Safavid rule (17th century) could be seen from the "Nightingale Garden", which surrounds it. The first image was almost fairy-like with the rainbow. We decided then it was there we, as a group, would have our first photograph taken. 

Florence, Pierre Louis and his wife Marie Yvone, Elizabeth, Collette and her husband, Martine, Patrick and his wife Veronique, Chantal and her husband Paul, Jean Pierre, the Brisards, Philippe and Claire (from left to right).

Said to have been used as  a resting place  for the Royal family and the King of the Safavid dynasty, the symmetrically build two- storey high palace has a rather unique decoration (decorative paintings and mirror art work) evocative of the cosmological concept (divine light) diffused onto the archetypes (alveoli) and further expanded onto paradise (room), thus bearing the name of "Hasht Behesht" (which stands for eight paradises, an allusion to the eight rooms - four on each floor).
I couldn't help focussing on details, whether they were tiles, wooden carved ceilings, wall paintings or decorative domes. Even if some of the paintings were in need of being restored, one could clearly imagine what they must have been like and above all what it must have been like living in such a beautiful setting.
We didn't have much time to stroll around the rooms, which I felt to be a pity because I did feel I could have stayed a lot longer to thoroughly admire the artistic work "embedded" on almost every wall. 


(To be continued)


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