Sunday, 19 October 2014

The 8 day cultural trip to Iran - "Iranian Treasures" - (Day 6 late afternoon and evening) - On the way to Yazd - a Caravenserai; Yazd hotel - The 21st of September 2014

On the way to Yazd we stopped at a "no man's land" briefly, where two ancient caravenserais could be seen, one of which (the most beautiful to look at from the outside) only had the outside walls and another one, whose interior we ended up visiting.
I wasn't particularly impressed once I had visited several caranvenserais in other countries before (Turkey, Uzbekistan and Armenia) but I nevertheless felt the architecture and the domed interior of one of them to be outstanding.

As the trip was  quite tiring added by the fact that the landscape didn't help (mostly bare) Massoud proposed a short stop at a field of pomegranates and  pistachio, a rather convenient excuse for us to simply move about for a while.

We reached Yazd fairly late in the evening, so apart from checking in at the hotel, having a buffet meal which wasn't bad we did nothing else, though I personally ended up going "shopping" at the hotel handicraft galleries and bookshop, where I bought quite a few interesting books, amongst which there was one on Persepolis, another one on Persian poetry and a cultural guide of Iran, I had already seen in the hands of our French guide. I couldn't resist buying a particularly beautiful traditional silk blouse, another box with a miniature painting, this time on polo and a fridge magnet (some colleague had asked me to take her).
Having been asked to choose a painted box which we (Florence, Martine, Claire and I included) were to offer our French guide Philippe, I still went around to one of the handicraft galleries to look for the "ideal" one I felt he would like (a loving husband and father to be).

As I was in my bed I realised how grateful I should be that I was approaching the last day of this trip without ever having been disappointed with what we had been shown, the privilege of having had two guides, who complemented each other and such nice people as my trip companions ...

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