Friday, 24 October 2014

... And yet another challenge ...

The yearly challenge of preparing air traffic controllers to be submitted to the fully endorsed test that will determine their fluency in English within the Aviation context shouldn't be too much of a challenge, according to those I work with (and for) once they say I have been doing it long enough not to let it worry me.

This is where I think they are wrong because each group is different, not only as far as the English knowledge and skills are concerned but also in terms of personal characteristics and to be able to get the best out of them as a teacher one should try to get to know them and adapt one's methodology to each and everyone of them as individuals and as a group, which is not always simple.

We've been thoroughly enjoying ourselves in the teaching and learning process so far which I feel has brought some sparkle into the daily routine of the training centre.  

One of the fourthcoming challenges will be my trip to Cape Verde and the handing out of the presents to the children who have been looking forward to seeing me all throughout the year. Despite the fact that increasing prices have not allowed me to fly there as often as I used and would like to if I am completely honest not being able to rely on the support of some of the people who were very committed at the beginning of the project and have since then almost forgotten what they agreed upon has been affecting me, mostly because it involves children who have built up their expectations over time and it will be hard to tell them their "godparents" have not sent them anything.


I have been trying to organise things in such a way that every child may get something but it's hard not only because of the authorised weight but also the financial limitations and yet I am hopeful ... it will end up being all right. Betsy Garmon's "Pull yourself together and use what you have" has been hammering on my mind ... and that's exactly what I have been doing ...


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