Thursday, 16 October 2014

The 8 day cultural trip to Iran - "Iranian treasures" - (Day 5 afternoon cont. and evening) - Isfahan, Ali Qapu Palace (cont.) and the Se-o-se Bridge by night - The 20th of September 2014


After having enjoyed the coolness and the magnificent view from the talar we continued up to to the Music room with an outstandingly intricate plaster ceiling and walls filled with niches, which appeared to be slots for storing musical instruments, though it seems they have never been used for that purpose but rather to improve the accoustics in the room

We used the other staircase to descend, which contrary to the former one was not decorated but had faded, though still beautiful to look at, floral decorated walls.

We were given one hour to either do our personal shopping in the bazaar or go back to the carpet store we had been to the previous day. I decided to walk the alleys of the bazaar looking for some rather exquisite souvenirs and any apparel that would reflect the traditional Iranian clothing.
I ended up buying a mother of pearl miniature painted shell depicting a polo game, which I found to be rather beautiful and a particularly exquisite long silk waistcoat I fell in love with.

The mother of pearl miniature painted shell
As I was making my way to the designated meeting point I came across Martine, whom I had got along very well with throughout the trip and because it was still early we sat on one of Maydan-e Iman stretches of grass observing the people strolling by or sitting around like ourselves, until we were joined by Jean Pierre, another trip companion we had both got along well with. 

Our local guide proposed we walked across the Se-o se bridge onto the other side of the town that evening so as to have a rather special traditional dinner (we all loved, though the initial look of it didn't seem too promising) and simultaneously see the lit bridge, which was rather impressive.  

It was only as the evening drew to a close and I had to pack that I realised we would be leaving the Isfahan, we had grown so attached to the following day ...


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