Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The 8 day cultural trip to Iran - "Iranian Treasures" - (Day 5 late morning cont.) - Isfahan, Masjed-e Iman's construction works - The 20th of September 2014


We were given access to some restoration work for the dome of the mosque going on in the back part of the of a side courtyard because Massoud knew the artisans in charge of that rather complicated process, which was explained to us in detail. We were all extremelly impressed as none of us had any idea of the intricate craftsmanship involved.  

It is often easy to acknowledge a piece of artistry and overlook the amount of work involved in actually making it, sometimes because of absolute unawareness and other times because one is exclusively interested in the final work. May the craftsmen and women be praised for the beauty they have been sharing with us ...


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