Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Strolling around on a sunny Sunday ...

I had intended to spend Sunday morning at Museu do Oriente, whose exhibitions always seem to thrill me but upon reaching the International train station of Santa Apolónia realised the streets up to Cais do Sodré were closed down because of a race course I hadn't heard of. Rather than letting disappointment take over me I decided to walk around the back streets near Alfama and see what would happen instead.
Street Art is a growing phenomenon and every time I step out I come across a new graffiti I hadn't seen before. As I made my way towards Martins Moniz I walked by Casa dos Bicos, which has been transformed into Saramago's Museum. 

A distant Jazzy voice could be heard as I strolled across Martim Moniz square now livened up by vibrant coloured panels painted by African artists. I recognised one of them, Ismael Sequeira whose lines impregnated in movement I had seen for the first time long time ago, as he and a daughter of mine attended an Art workshop. I felt as if colour, similarly to sun rays, could have a positive impact on people.

The whole layout of the square had been "reinvented" with the esplanades, the artistic displays and the ongoing music bringing a new dimension to the open space I hadn't been to since last year.

From there I walked into the former hard drugs and "redlight" area, which was "refurbished" as well as part of an overall plan measure taken by the city Hall and again I was surprised to come across esplanades and street Art a little bit everywhere where space for the old Viuva Lamego's glazed tile façade and graffitis on genital mutilation could be found. 


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