Sunday, 8 December 2013

Bordeaux - Day 4 (morning cont.) - The 2nd of December 2013


Upon leaving Place de Gambetta we walked along the Jewish street and having turned right into street Rodrigo Pereira (clearly a Portuguese name) reached the Basilica of Saint Serrin,  the oldest church of Bordeaux, which we knew in advance would be closed (it is only from June through to September). Its archaeological site and cemetery is said to have provided experts with further knowledge onto exhuming techniques and burial methods used in the Antique and Middle Ages periods.  

We then headed back into the heart of the city to locate a rather unique ancient house in one of its side streets. I couldn't resist taking a few more photos of the Cathedral and the Tour Pey-Berland, whose top I regret not having walked to (but then it was already too late).

One of the last things we looked for was the statue of the "discreet hunter" that we managed to find in one of the corners of  rue Pas Saint Georges.

As we walked back into rue de Sainte Catherine very close to our hotel we finally sighted the old boot which is still indicating a shoe shop (which obviously doesn't sell boots of that particular style any more).

On the way to Bordeaux Merignac airport we spoke of our "walking experience" in the streets of Bordeaux and everything that we managed to squeeze in the few days we spent in there. We were both very happy that we actually made the trip despite the cold. Bordeaux is definitely a city to "explore" and enjoy.

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