Thursday, 19 December 2013

Azores, Ponta Delgada - down town - The 9th of December 2013


Because Museums were closed on Monday and I was "running out" of churches to visit there wasn't much more I could do apart from just wandering about. I had never before walked in down-town Ponta Delgada in the rain and that in itself proved to be a challenge.

As I was strolling amidst the typical Azorean islands ' architecture and beautifully tended public gardens along the coastline, more precisely in Travessa do Arco I came across a rather interesting painting on a wall ... the fragility of the paper boat made me think of myself there and then ...

Not much farther along towards the inner back streets, the gloomy half painted face of an old man on a wall caught my attention  and made me think of yet another fragility ... old age and loneliness.

(To be continued)

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