Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bordeaux - Day 2 (morning cont.) - The 30th of November 2013


We then walked towards Place de la Victoire noted for its extraordinary  gate - la Porte d'Aquitaine close to which stands a rose bronze twisted column by the Czech sculptor Ivan Theimer who also happens to have been the author of the two giant turtle statues in praise of the vineyards and wine.

From there we walked back to the Porte de Saint Eloi, one of the few remaining structures of what used to be the city walls of the Roman castrum. Also referred to as Porte de la Grande Cloche, because of the huge clock embedded in it, it is said to have served as belfry for a long time.

It was impressive to look at and more so as one got closer. Because of the proximity we decided to walk into the Church Saint Eloi which once was at the origin of its name.

The short walk to the Basilica Saint-Michel  was rather interesting because of the mysterious narrow streets, the small romantic corners, the architectural details and especially the touch of modernity co-habiting with the old historic remnants.

We soon reached the Porte de Bourgogne also known  as the Burgundy  Gate,  which  having replaced the Middle Ages Porte de Salinières proudly stood at the end of Victor Hugo Avenue, where the city gates once were to be seen.

The Basilique de Saint-Michel was unfortunately undergoing reparation works, so we just managed to see it from the outside, which we felt was a pity, as we had been looking forward to visiting it

(To be continued)

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