Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Azores, Ponta Delgada - The Church of All Saints and the Church of São Pedro - The 9th of December 2013


I walked up to the Colégio Convent also known as the Church of All Saints, a religious sanctuary constructed during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries with a symmetric façade which included an incomplete clock tower, which I personally found to give it a certain graciousness. 

The iconic pilasters and cornices with porthole-like windows embellished by decorative elements in the shape of garlands and shells made it a rather unique type of façade.  It now houses the Museum of Sacred Art, which was closed because of being Monday.

I then decided then to head towards the sixteenth century Church of São Pedro, which seen from the outside looked just like any other Church, but the moment I walked in I was invaded by a golden light that was impossible to ignore as it not only enhanced the painted ceiling but also the gold covered altars and many of the religious figures.

(To be continued)

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