Friday, 6 December 2013

Bordeaux - Day 3 (late afternoon) - The 1st of December 2013


As we were heading towards the Centre Jean Moulin we passed by the Barroque church of Notre Dame, which was unfortunately closed, so we just managed to photograph its façade.

Entirely different from the latest Museum we had visited some hours earlier this one inevitably immersed its visitors in the gloomy epoch of the Nazi Invasion, with a huge amount of memorabilia therewith related. Jean Moulin together with many other French played an important role in that period, one which in his case ultimately led to his frightful murder.

I was particularly impressed with his 1935 sketches pertaining to a series of eight "eau-fortes" d'Armor, which clearly denote his awareness as to what was actually going on.

Paysage mauvais (left). Christ aux outrages (right).

 Un riche en Bretagne (left). Rapsodie foraine - la procession (right).

Rapsodie foraine - le calvaire (left). Rapsodie foraine - la prière (right).

La pastorale de conlie

The exhibition artefacts were very well displayed and there were even moments in which we felt we were witnessing some of those troubling moments ...

(To be continued)

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