Monday, 14 October 2013

The Uzbek culture and traditions circuit, Iman al-Bukhari Mausoleum (cont.), Samarkand outskirts (Day 10 morning) - The 16th of September 2013


The Ismail al-Bukhari mausoleum stood on the central axis in the form of a rectangular prism with its double ribbed dome decorated with blue tiles. The walls covered with mosaics, majolica and granite had vegetative and geometric ornaments, but I believe that what mostly impressed me were the mixed colour tones which together with the designs created such a breathtaking monument.Whether one looked at it from the front or  the back  it  still was impressive. A tombstone  coated with light green onyx is said to be in the centre of the mausoleum though none of us had any access to it.

The number of local visitors outnumbered the one of foreign visitors, which was beginning not to surprise me. Many of them were carefully listening to their guide' s explanations, which I found to be very interesting when compared to what happens (or  better said does not happen) back at home.

We then briefly visited the mosque, where I came across a group of women (naturally on the women's side).

When one is surrounded by beauty all the time from a certain moment on it seems it no longer impresses you and yet I kept on being impressed. and felt I could spend a lot longer within the complex perimeter, even if it were just walking around the outside galleries.

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