Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Uzbek culture and traditions circuit, The last moments, Tachkent (Day 11 still) - The 17th of September 2013


Our last moments prior to heading to the airport were spent walking through a park that led onto the Amir Timur Square where our hotel was located.

Some buildings were worth looking at, from the Parliament to the Palace of Prince Romanov, but for obvious reasons I was not so attentive any more as the pressure of flying back home settled in. I know myself well enough to know that the hours before leaving any country I get attached to are always painful and that was the case.

As we got closer to the Hotel, where we would be having our last Uzbek meal, and I sighted Amir Timur's statue I felt an urge to pay him my respect as a lot of Uzbeks do.


As the flight bound to Paris took off at 15H05 I felt sad to leave such a beautiful country behind.  Would I ever go back, I wondered. Irrespective of it happening or not and the sadness I was feeling I must confess I also had every reason to feel blessed for having been there.

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