Friday, 18 October 2013

Recent students ... students of the past ... students - September/October 2013

If teaching a new group is a challenge in itself being with students you hadn't seen  for quite a while ... some of whom you had given classes to twenty five years ago ... can also be a challenge.

Nuno, João, Mafalda, Isabel, Julio and Hugo (from left to right)

Carlos Jesus, Filipa, Shakir, Francisco, Roberto, Bruno and Suzana (from left to right)

Pedro, Eugénio and Manuel (from left to to right)

I do get attached to my students and despite the fact that I rarely have a chance to "accompany" their progress within the enterprise, particularly if they are sent to either Madeira or the Azores the moment we have the opportunity to be together again, be it for five minutes of five hours I seem to unexpectedly remember some of the things that happened in the classroom then ( moments ... details) and so do they ... 

These last weeks have been rather emotional because of the fact that I have been reminded to which extent I have had an impact on their lives and the opposite being equally right ...

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