Monday, 19 June 2017

My 19 Day Iranian Azerbaijan circuit - From the Caspian rives to Tabriz and Takht-e Soleiman - Day 7 (afternoon) - Meshkin Shahar - Strolling around; Cheikh Heydar tomb ensemble - The 15th of May 2017

We strolled around the streets of Meshkin Shahar having felt the political engagement or at least the election oriented one was really strong, with a few women trying to talk to us and express their opinions on the election which would soon take place.

We visited the impressive Shaykh Haydar tomb complex under what seemed a slow, yet persistent changing weather process, which gave the overall atmosphere of the place different tonalities as the sky covered itself with dark scattered clouds. The brick revetment of geometric letters covering the cylindrical exterior which terminated in a mosaic faience inscription band changed from bright to gloomy looking colours, as the thunderstorm approached, but whichever way we looked at it  it was impressive. 
Having been the spiritual leader and a divine figure of the Safavyya "tariqa", Shaykh Haydar's alliances with leaders of the Southern Dagestan regions and the military campaigns against the Northern Caucasus rural areas led to his killing in 1488. His tomb is said to have become a pilgrimage shrine, though on this particular day it wasn't  visited but by a few students under the supervision of a History teacher, whom some of us had the chance to talk to.

As we left the complex under some light rain which soon turned into showers we managed to listen to some incredible traditional Turkish music being played by two local musicians, one of whom still honoured us with his amazing voice at the end. I felt we should have stayed a bit longer, though weather dictated our fate. By the time we reached the small park located right in front of the hotel, where Iranian women are honoured in the image of the statue of a lady, it was pouring down with rain.


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