Thursday, 1 June 2017

My 19 day Iranian Azerbaijan circuit - From the Caspian rives to Tabriz and Takht-e Soleiman - Day 2 (morning) - Teheran - The Rezâ ' Abbassi Museum (cont.) - The 10th of May 2017


I was utterly mesmerised by the manuscript exhibition room, once I am fascinated by enluminures as well as caligraphy, which meant I managed to get both in this particular section and thoroughly satisfy my inner soul.

The fleeing of Salm and his killing by Manouchehr - A folio from a manuscript of the so-called First Small Shahnama (Book of Kings) - probably dating from the Baghdad school, late 13th century A.D

Hanging man, the artist  - A folio from the Great Mongol Shahname ordered by Abou Shah- Tabriz school , 14th century A.D

Picture of a man and a woman with an illuminated margin - Bokhara school , 16th century A.D

Bahram killing of a lion and a wild donkey with a single arrow - A folio of Shahnameh manuscript - Bokhara school , late 14th century A.D

Battle between Iman Ali and a dragon - A folio bo Khwaran Nameh - Bokhara school - 15th century A.D

Shah nameh of  firdowsi, dated 1446 A.D

Battle of Rostam and the demon Akvan - A folio of Shahnameh - Tabriz school, 16th century A.D

A seated man - Khorasan school - 16th century A.D

Bahram heading towards Egypt - A folio of Shahnameh manuscript - Shiraz school, 16th century A.D.

A prisoner - 16th century A.D

Kaveh, the blacksmiths' revolt - A folio of a Shahnameh manuscript - Shiraz school, late 16th century A.D

A young horseman with a falcon on his hand - Khorasan school - 16th century A.D

An old and a young man - Isfahan school - signed by Mohammad Ali - dated 1543 A.D

In a rather secluded area pertaining to this section there was a small room with Kajar oil on canvas paintings hanging from its walls, portraying seated Princes, which naturally caught my attention.

I felt the morning spent at the Museum, despite the extensive explanations was worthwhile because of having set the atmosphere for the forthcoming days.

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